Employer branding & attraction

It is becoming harder and harder to stand out as an employer of choice. Our branding and attraction services help you cut through the noise with a clear and authentic message.

We can shed light on how different segments of the external talent market perceive you and identify the areas to address.

Building a distinctive and credible employer brand which resonates with your target markets, will help you attract and retain better talent at lower cost.

How we help

Employer branding

Your employer brand is distinct from your corporate brand. It needs to convey your purpose, mission and values to the talent market in an authentic and relatable way. It has a strong bearing on how successful you are in attracting, converting and retaining talent.

Consistent, differentiated messaging
Different segments of the talent market may view you in very different ways, and it is important to get the right messages to the right people, while remaining consistent overall.

Improved business performance
Our ultimate goal is to improve the performance of your organisation - by attracting better people, keeping them engaged and motivated and retaining them for longer, your business can grow more quickly.   

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) development
We help you understand and develop an EVP that gets the heart of who you are and what your offer employees.

Internal communications
We help you develop effective initiatives to engage with your employees. We also ensure that your key messages and ideas are conveyed internally with clarity and impact.


Everything we do is insight led. Often the cause of a particular talent challenge is hidden - good research can save a lot of time and wasted money. Once we have identified the source of the issue, we can set to work addressing it.

Proposition and message development
Research to understand key trends and insight into a particular talent market

Marketing and advertising
We work with you to find the right media and channels to engage your target audiences. We start small, test and scale quickly, to ensure the best results and maximum value.

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