At a glance

  • 41 placements 88%
  • interview to placements 99%
  • successful candidate compliance 96%
  • retention rate (against a programme average of 74%)

Interest Rate Derivatives Remediation for a Big Four firm

The client

A Big Four professional services firm with whom we have a longstanding relationship and a strong history of recruiting for their volume resource campaigns.


The challenge

Our client required a quality and service driven provider to plan and manage the rapid deployment of a team of temporary File Builders to create cases for review. We were engaged by the client to manage this large-scale review programme relating to interest rate derivatives. 


The solution

A pilot scheme was undertaken to provide reassurance that our solution would work. Following the success of the pilot, we were asked to increase their team head count to 130 over a period of two months. 

  • We managed all communications to successful candidates, ensuring they were fully prepared for the contract.
  • We created a starter pack for the contractors which provided details of travel routes to site, local amenities and so forth. It all also contained a code of conduct whilst on assignment.
  • We delivered a full candidate care programme, visiting the contractors on site regularly and holding open forums for contractor discussion.
  • Information from the forums was anonymised and fed back to the client to flag any factors which had the potential to impact the success of the programme.
  • We managed all candidate contracts and payments.


The results

We achieved less than 6% attrition due to the strong matching of candidates to roles via the assessment centres, and ensured a good cultural fit in each case.

We provided a dedicated team and working in a highly collegiate manner with the client, and were able to answer any queries that candidates had relating to the programme, and identify and resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

Our overall process – from identifying candidates to having them start on assignment – was speedy. On average we achieved a two week turnaround and in some instances this was much quicker. Our payment infrastructure was also identified as a key reason as to why candidates like working for us.

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