The power of three

Three elements: one solution

Our complete offering brings together our three service areas. We provide clear insight, enabling you to enhance your employer brand to attract and retain the best people.

Our research-led approach uses data and insight to inform your strategy. And once your plan swings into action, we help you validate and refine your approach.

The result: you attract and deploy talented people at reduced cost.


Talent consulting

Whatever aspect of your talent planning you are considering, we can provide the insight you need to get your strategy right.

We can help you understand external perceptions of your talent brand, make sense of your data, or establish the best place to locate a particular function.

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Employer branding & attraction

We use insight, data and some good old-fashioned storytelling to shape your talent brand.

There are many connecting parts to consider - strategy, creative and technical development, to name a few - all of which are informed by the insight our Talent Consulting team provide.

Attraction, conversion and retention becomes dramatically easier and your cost-per-hire drops.

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Build talent communities, resource at scale

We reduce your costs and improve the quality of talent you have to draw on by building talent pools for resource-heavy business areas.

For immediate requirements or timebound projects, we attract, screen, assess and onboard large, blended teams of contract and permanent specialists.

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