AML: Key lessons from the industry

13 November 2017


Emma Simarro, BrightPool Client Services Manager, speaks with Graham Barrow on the issues affecting the industry regarding anti-money laundering (AML).

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Three peaks: we did it!

1 August 2016

Three Peaks

We did it! It was not easy, in fact it was far more difficult than any of us had prepared for but we completed it and managed to raise over £7,000 for our charity partners.

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Promoting gender diversity across the STEM sector

1 June 2016

Through our breakfast seminar we are aiming to get a little closer to finding effective ways of promoting and achieving gender diversity across senior and executive levels.

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Journey to remediation success

23 May 2016


As firms continue to face regulatory scrutiny, mitigating conduct risk and managing consequential remediation effectively has never been more important.

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Engagement in Collections

22 March 2016


Collections and Recoveries have become recognised as a specialist area and organisations recognise the complexity of all the facets that can make such a function effective

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Helping our local communities

3 February 2015

We will be supporting Spear London and the Harrogate & Ripon Volunteer Centre in 2015 and beyond.

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