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Pre-employment FAQs

We conduct a stringent vetting procedure by running background checks to ensure all candidates are compliant to work on a BrightPool contract. The information below is to help you better understand the compliance procedure, and how we can work together to ensure the process runs smoothly and to avoid any delays in start dates.

Please note: some of our clients have additional requirements and you may be required provide further information and documentation.

When you are screened for a role with BrightPool, you will be required to complete a pre-employment screening form. The information provided will allow us to run the necessary background checks.

Checks that may be carried out by BrightPool are listed below. Click on each to find out more. 

Entitlement to work

British passport OR a full birth certificate and an official document containing your national insurance number (e.g. P45/national insurance card) 
• EEA/Swiss passport 
• Biometric Residence Permit

Note - as an employment agency we cannot sponsor a migrant who is then supplied to a third party as labour, regardless of any contractual arrangement between the parties involved.

You will be required to have this verified in person by a member of BrightPool team. 

Identity check

• Passport 
• UK driving licence (photo card) 
• EU identity card

Proof of residence

• Personal bank statement (dated within 3 months) 

• Utility bill (dated within 3 months. Mobile phone bills are not accepted) 

• UK driving licence (original document may have to be verified) 

• Council tax bill (dated within the council’s current financial year)

Employment/Activity Referencing

You will be required to provide us with contact details in order for us to obtain verification of previous contracts / employment. This will be cross-referenced with your CV. If there are any discrepancies we will need a supporting statement via email.

Credit Check

We will run a credit check which shows any publicly listed information such as CCJs, Insolvency etc. This will not leave a negative footprint on your credit file as it is an employment check. Please ensure you disclose with us if you believe any adverse information will show on your credit file. Some clients may require a more in-depth credit check showing missed or defaulted payments, etc.

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (formerly CRB)

Some clients will require us to check your criminal record.

Fraud Database Check

Fraud prevention databases have been established for the purpose of allowing employers and contract service providers to share data on their fraud cases. We will use your details to search a fraud database.

Sanctions Checks

We will check your name on relevant sanctions lists.

Media Checks

We will run a search for any adverse media in your name.

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