Timesheet submission guide

To submit your timesheets, please follow the link to your dashboard and click on complete timesheets

Below are some helpful tips to guide you through the process. If you have any other questions, please email contractors@brightpool.co.uk

Timesheet entry

Under Recent Timesheets, select create all timesheets that are due a timesheet to be entered. Click create. 

You will now be presented with a blank timesheet. The form will have placement details and, once created, a timesheet ID. The basic rate is selected by default, so you can start entering your time for each of the days.  

  • 1 unit = 1 day; 0.50 units = half day, etc.
  • NB: there must be 2 decimal places

If you require additional rates, simply select the appropriate item from the rate drop-down. If it's not available, please contact BrightPool. The previously entered times will then move further down the screen allowing for more time to be entered. 

You can enter commens on the right, e.g. 'overtime approved by manager'. This will appear on the invoice and will be visible 

When you are satisfied with the data entered, click save and submit to issue the timesheet for approval. Alternatively click save as draft to submit or edit at a later stage.  

If you have saved your timesheet as draft, you will be presented with two buttons:

  • Click edit to make changes to your draft timesheet.
  • Click submit to send your timesheet to your manager for approval

Please note: once a timesheet has been submitted you will not be able to modify this timesheet again, unless your manager rejects it due to errors or inaccuracy.

Your approver will receive an email notification once your timesheet has been submitted. Once approved, you will be notificed and we will raise an advice note against your timesheet. 

timesheet entry

Uploading an invoice

Once the advice note is raised, go to Pay from the top banner and select List Advice Note. Click Search.


The Advice note will generate per week and will sum based on the timesheets you have entered. 


Scroll along until you see a column titled Invoice DocumentSelect Upload.


Enter your information:

  • Your Invoice Number: enter your own invoice reference
  • Your Invoice Date: set the date of your invoice


The following fields are prepopulated:

  • The Net is prepopulated with the amount from the advice note
  • The Sales Tax Code is prepopulated with the information from the placement
  • The Sales Tax Amount is prepopulated based on the Net and Sales Tax Code fields 


If required, enter a description for the invoice. Click Browse to search for the invoice on your computer and click Upload. When the file is uploaded, a purple line appears across the name of the upload file. Click Save.

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