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Candidate FAQs

Here you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should you have any questions that are not covered below, please call us on 0207 936 3011 or email hello@brightpool.co.uk.

Why work with BrightPool?

Our team of consultants are constantly building relationships with exceptional temporary and permanent candidates across a range of disciplines and sectors. We work with some of the biggest Financial Services firms, as well as niche businesses. Browse and apply for any of the available assignments.


To stay up to date with what we have to offer, please register with us. You can build your profile, upload your CV and create personalised assignment alerts.

Our fortnightly payment structure is market leading and just one reasons as to why contractors choose BrightPool over other recruitment agencies.

What to expect from your consultant.

Sector expertise

All of our consultants have a deep knowledge of recruitment and resource management, as well as sector-specific expertise, and are always happy to offer helpful advice and guidance. This allows you to gain a full understanding of any potential opportunity before taking the next step.

Contractor Care

We offer exceptional candidate care and support throughout the recruitment process. This includes pre-interview support, regular onsite visits and post-placement programme. And there will always be a consultant available to answer your queries.

What compliance documents do I need to work with BrightPool?

Before we can put you forward to our client, we will require the below compliance documents:

  • Proof of address
  • Copy of your ID and Eight to Work Document 
  • BrightPool screening form 

Before we can issue a contract to you, you will need to have passed the pre-employment screening (click for more information)

I'm new to contracting, can you help?

We often work with people who are new to the sector and we are happy to provide advice. This might include how to set up a limited company or use an umbrella company, invoicing process and interview tips.

Unlike temporary workers, professional contractors are unable to operate through PAYE scheme. There are two options open to you in order for you to be paid for your services:

  1. Choosing to operate through an Umbrella Company means that they act on your behalf charging a fee to provide services such as dealing with your taxes, payroll and other administrative tasks.
  2. Choosing to set up your own limited company is likely to involve more paperwork, but because of the lower cost it is often seen as worth the work. As a Limited Company you will be responsible for sending your tax return to HMRC and ensuring your Professional Indemnity Insurance is up to date.

How often do contractors get paid?

Payment terms vary, depending on the client and the nature of your role. Contractors are paid fortnighly. 

Our fortnightly payment structure is market leading and just one reasons as to why contractors choose BrightPool over other recruitment agencies.

I haven’t been successful. Why?

Unfortunately, the number of applications we receive is far greater than the number of positions available. The nature of roles we recruit for means candidates are often required to have techinical knowledge and/or proven experience. If you don't have the necessary prerequisites for the role, we may not be able to help you. 

Make sure you’re registered with us to keep up to date with the latest assignments and be patient – that is the best advice we can give.

In the meantime, it is good practice to build your relationships and reputation by attending one of our networking events and joining in the discussions on our LinkedIn group and Twitter

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