Candidate Care Programme

The candidate experience is central to everything we do. Relationships built on trust drive our business and we work hard to build and maintain those relationships.

Fortnightly payment terms

We understand that getting paid on time is one of the key priorities to our contractors, so we implemented fortnightly payment terms. Our dedicated finance team ensure all contractors are paid on time, according to their timesheets. We implemented a user-friendly account dashboard for all our candidates, so that they can submit timesheets wherever they are and from any device. 





Extensive help & guidance

Each candidate has a dedicated Resourcing Consultant throughout their application, interview, offer and on-boarding. 

As well as 'getting the basics right' - e.g. help with CV writing, interview preparation, etc - our Consultants understand how important it is that a candidate has full view of the role, the project and client. We therefore take a great deal of time coaching candidates on the full requirements. 





Generous referral scheme

If you know someone who is suitable for any of the advertised roles, ask them to send their CV and availability to and you could receive £200 (£100 when they start their placement and £100 when they complete 3 months). Make sure they mention your name in the email! Find out more about how our referral scheme works.





Dedicated on- and off-site support

Many of our contractors work away from home, sometimes for long periods of time and may not have a local network. We set up social media groups to put them in touch with other contractors in the area and organise regular site visits and feedback sessions. 





Going the extra mile

We work collaboratively with our clients to organise Christmas parties, raffle prizes, vouchers and other events. Every candidate that works through BrightPool becomes part of our community. 

"My experience with Brighpool during the recruitment process was amazing, very Proffessional team. I was very happy with how someone was communicating with me throughout via emails and telephone calls at every stage keeping me informed about the next step.

I would like to thank everyone at Brightpool and have already recommended colleagues at my precious job and friends to apply through Brightpool." - BrightPool contractor (2018)

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